Inflammaging Conference - The Ace Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana

02/22/2024 - 02/24/2024


New Orleans, LA


At the spring '24 ICIM conference in New Orleans, we will focus on "inflammaging," because so much of what we encounter in clinical practice can be viewed through this lens. Attendees can count on learning from internationally respected speakers sharing knowledge to implement into practice on Monday! The booming tech and product world, including a pre-conference "tech deep dive" will be on full display to help upgrade our toolkits. Spring '24 in the Big Easy with ICIM...we'll see you there!


Featured Speakers:

Heather Zwickey, PhD

“Exploring the Inflammaging-Microbiome Relationship”

Russell Reiter, PhD

“Melatonin Modulates Tumor Metabolism and Mitigates Metastasis”

Paul Anderson, NMD

“Augmenting Glutathione Activity - IV and Oral Strategies for Inflammation”

Paul Harch, MD

“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Treatment of Inflammation, the root cause of chronic disease and aging”

Robert Rowen, MD

“Ozone Therapy in Inflammation Control and Healing”

Leonard Weinstock, MD, FACG

Low Dose Naltrexone – A Safe Approach to Inflammation”

Darren Schmidt, DC

“Nutrition. Know Science First” (Carnivore/Keto Diet)

Russell Marz, ND

"Why a Diversified Whole Foods Vegan Diet is the Optimal Diet for Health and Longevity"

William Pawluk, MD

“The Role of the Adenosine Receptor and Effectiveness of Magnetic Field Therapy in Reducing Inflammation”

Robert Verkerk, PhD, BSc, MSc, DIC, FACN

"Natural Nanos - Inching Towards the Anti-Ageing Holy Grail"

Russell Marz, ND, LAc and Darren Schmidt, DC

"Plants or Meat? The Vegan-Carnivore Debate"

Andrew W. Campbell, MD

"Molds, Mycotoxins, the Gut, the Brain and Misconceptions: An Evidence-Based Lecture"

Christine Salter, MD, DC

"Senotherapeutic Approach to Neuroinflammation in Post-Acute Traumatic Brain Injury: Case Study"